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A little kitchen garden...

As Spring gets under way, I've just been sent these wonderful two gardens from Alex and his grandma Mary. Alex has been recovering after having his appendix out, so he's had plenty of time to plan his little garden.

It wouldn't be Christmas without a little festive garden, would it? I created this little garden in London Fields, complete with everything you need at Christmas time: presents, a TV, crackers, Christmas stockings, decorations, a Yule Log and of course a Christmas Tree.

Unestablishment gardening

I was asked by Koppaberg to run a short pothole gardening walk around East London last week as part of their unestablishment series of events. So last Monday, I set off with some keen gardeners to create some miniature magic...

Columbia Road Flower Market meets Cologne!

I've blogged before about how much I love Columbia Road Flower Market. Nothing beats a Sunday stroll down the buzzing street with a coffee in hand. I spied a pothole at the end of the road during my last visit, and I created this little garden which has managed to stay there for some time now - let me know if you've seen it!