Heart and Soil Day 2018!

Heart and Soil Day 2018!


Hello, Bonjour, Namaste, Hola, Ola, Gidday where-ever you are in the world! I’m collaborating with Lycored this year for “Heart and Soil Day 2018”. Here’s a little video I made that tells you all about it!

This is your step by step guide to creating you own little piece of art. So put a smile on and have fun. It’s simple and easy to get involved, even if you didn’t get one of my kits. You can make your own props, or have a look around. Dolls house anyone? Or miniature car? Once you start looking, you’ll be amazed at how many miniature things are around…

Step 1

Now, for those that recieved a little pothole gardening kit - you’ll find some miniature items to create your own garden. 🌷🌺  If you have your own props you want to use then go for it! You can even go simple and just create a garden without any props at all. It’s up to you.

If you are using props, get those ready first and start to do some arranging. Get some thoughts in your head what your garden might look like - you might like a theme or want a certain look or colour palette but think about it now before you hit the streets.

Speaking of streets - where will your garden go?  For goodness sake be SAFE. Its your local area so you will know some of the best places that need a little garden love.  Preparation is key.

Step 2

We’re one step closer to creating a pothole garden...but we need two more vital ingredients. A Pothole and some plants.

So you might have noticed potholes in your neighbourhood in the past, but today, I want you to take some time out to go pothole spotting. Go for a walk and look down! Look for cracks in the pavement, look for holes in the pavement that you can imagine as a tiny garden!

Did you find one or can think of the right place? Perfect…

Step 3

Now, the other thing I’d like you to do is find some plants. Really, any plants will do, but think about scale and size - how will your miniature props in your kit, look against the plants that you’ve chosen? Will they all be to scale?

You can see in this garden the miniature bike is in scale with the Gerbra 🌼🌼 so it looks like a little scene.

So while you’re sourcing your plants, keep scale in mind. Also look for really colourful flowers and plants that will really stand out against the pavement. What’s your favourite colour?

Good luck finding some plants and hunting for potholes! Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses :)

Step 4:

So you’ve got some great little props...and you’ve found your pothole...and you’ve got some plants. Alright! Let’s get designing your miniature garden.

So in my gardens I like to try and excite people’s imaginations. To try and tell a little story 📗

Get out some pencils, and get creative. First up - draw your pothole. Then, think about how your plants will fit together with your plants in the garden...what little story are they telling? Which way should they face?

Try sketching it out on paper!

Once you’ve got your design in order - it’s time to hit the streets.

Step 5:

Let’s go gardening! Grab a friend, get your props, your plants, your design AND your creativity and let’s hit the streets and spread some happiness!

Clear your pothole out, and grab your first plant.  You might need to trim the roots, don’t be scared to get your fingers dirty, that’s part of the fun.

Push your plant in so it’s nice and safe, and then pat down the soil.

Once you’ve got your plants in, and you’ve sorted your soil out, it’s time to add the props! Pop them in one by one in way you designed.  Do you need your paper sketch as a reminder?

Finish it all off. Brush any extra dirt away and voila. It’s as easy as that, you’ve just created your first pothole garden and connected with your surroundings in a really unique way!

How do the photos look? Maybe give it a touch of water,  💦 and sit back and watch the world go by (your pothole garden)...

A massive THANK YOU for being brave, getting your fingers dirty, and for joining in the “Heart and Soil Day!”

Don’t forget, share you pothole pictures with me  #Potholegardener @potholegardener

Help me spread the happiness...

Help me spread the happiness...